At Green Mystic, we think that a good indoor garden starts with the substrate. Because of this, we provide premium Biobizz substrates that are created to give your plants the best possible environment for growth.

Biobizz substrates are made from 100% natural and organic materials, ensuring that your plants are grown in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. They are carefully formulated to provide the perfect balance of nutrients, air, and moisture that your plants need to thrive.

We provide a variety of Biobizz substrates to accommodate various plant types and growth phases. Our substrates, which range from Light-Mix for cuttings and seedlings to Grow-Mix for quickly expanding plants, are made to offer the ideal balance of nutrients and moisture for your particular requirements.

At Green Mystic, we’re dedicated to giving our clients the greatest products and support. Our staff is always on hand to assist you in choosing the best substrate for your indoor garden and to provide guidance on proper application and usage.

Come check out our collection of Biobizz substrates and other indoor gardening supplies at our garden centre. You can be sure that your indoor or outdoor garden will grow with the help of our Biobizz substrates thanks to our top-notch products and knowledgeable advice.