To assist you improve your indoor growing environment and increase your harvests, we provide a comprehensive choice of grow room accessories. We offer items like grow reflective sheets, scrog nets, rope ratchets, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, among others.

Our rope ratchets are ideal for safely hanging heavy equipment, such as carbon filters and lights, in your grow room. As your plants grow, it is simple to alter the height of your equipment thanks to the adjustable ratcheting mechanism.

Maintaining ideal humidity levels in your grow environment requires the use of humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

A quick and inexpensive technique to improve light reflection in your grow room is with grow reflective sheets. This may aid to improve light permeability and plant growth. Our reflective sheets are a fantastic addition to any indoor garden because they are strong and simple to install.

Scrog nets are yet another practical tool for increasing your harvests. These nets aid in providing your plants with support as they develop, encouraging more uniform canopy growth and lowering the danger of broken branches. Our scrog nets are built from premium materials and come in a range of sizes to meet your particular grow room requirements.