Any system for indoor gardening must have carbon filters. In order to keep your plants healthy and odour-free, these filters are made to filter out odours and dangerous substances from the air.

Activated carbon is used in carbon filters to absorb and trap organic pollutants and other contaminants. Any odours or dangerous gases are captured and neutralised by the carbon when air flows through the filter, leaving behind only clean, fresh air.

At Green Mystic, we have a wide selection of premium carbon filters from well-known manufacturers like Can-Filters. For any indoor gardening setup, our offering is available in a range of sizes and filtration capabilities.

We offer a variety of ventilation tools, including fans and ducting, in addition to carbon filters, to assist you give your plants the best possible atmosphere for growth.

Carbon filters are a vital part of any indoor gardening setup, regardless of whether you are growing plants for your own consumption or for commercial output. Visit our grow shop in Malta to see the entire range of tools and materials we offer for indoor gardening, including premium carbon filters.