We at Green Mystic are pleased to provide a selection of top-notch mono nutrients from the reputable company Canna. These speciality fertilisers are made to supply your plants with particular nutrients that may be deficient in your growing environment.

Products like Canna Nitrogen, Canna Calcium, and Canna Magnesium are among our assortment of Canna mono nutrients. These fertilisers are designed to give your plants the vital nutrients they require in order to grow robustly and healthily.

For instance, Canna Nitrogen is a quick-acting nitrogen supply that can be employed to encourage brisk development during the vegetative stage. On the other hand, Canna Calcium is a conveniently available source of calcium that can assist in avoiding nutrient deficits and enhancing plant health.

Our trained staff can assist you in making the correct Canna mono nutrient selection for your plants and also offer advice on proper application and usage. We have the ideal materials to suit your needs whether you are growing hydroponically or in soil.

We at Green Mystic are dedicated to giving our clients the best indoor gardening supplies, including nutrients for Canna mono. To view our complete inventory of Canna products and other indoor growing equipment, stop by our garden shop in Malta right away.