We at Green Mystic are pleased to provide a selection of premium organic nutrients from the well-known company Organics Nutrients. These fertilisers are made to give your plants the vital nutrients they require to develop into strong, healthy plants while also encouraging environmentally friendly and sustainable gardening techniques.

To provide your plants a balanced nutritional profile, these specialised fertilisers are made with all-natural materials including plant extracts and seaweed.

For instance, Organics Nutrients Root Stimulator is made to encourage sound root development and enhance nutrient uptake in young plants. An abundant harvest and huge, robust blooms are supported by Bloom Enhancer, while development Accelerator is designed to promote vigorous vegetative development.

Our expert staff can advise you on the proper consumption and application of Organic Nutrients products for your plants in addition to assisting you in making the right product selection. We have the ideal materials to suit your needs whether you are growing hydroponically or in soil.

We at Green Mystic are dedicated to provide our customers the best indoor gardening supplies possible, including Organics Nutrients. To view our whole inventory, stop by our garden store in Malta right away.