In the indoor gardening market, Canna is a reputable name recognised for its premium nutrition formulas. Your plants will receive a balanced and comprehensive nutrient profile from their products, ensuring they have all they require to flourish.

We provide a variety of Canna nutrients, including fertilisers like Canna Vega and Canna Flores as well as customised formulas for certain growth phases. We have the ideal Canna product to suit your needs, whether you’re growing hydroponically or in soil.

Our trained staff is always on hand to assist you in choosing the best fertilisers for your plants and to provide you advice on appropriate application and usage. We provide a large choice of other indoor gardening supplies in addition to Canna nutrition, such as grow lights, substrates, and accessories.

Come check out our range of Canna nutrients and other indoor gardening supplies at our garden centre in Malta right away. Your plants will thrive with the aid of Canna nutrients if you use our high-quality products and professional advice.