At Green Mystic, we sell a variety of high-quality Plagron nutrients that will help your plants grow the best they can and give you the most crop. Plagron is a well-known brand in the indoor gardening business. They are known for coming up with new products and putting quality first.

There are different types of Plagron nutrition for each stage of plant growth, such as the growth phase, the flowering phase, and the ripening phase. These nutrients are made to give your plants the macronutrients and vitamins they need to grow and thrive, as well as good microorganisms that help roots grow well and take in nutrients.

The Terra line from Plagron, which includes the Terra Grow and Terra Bloom nutrients, is one of our most popular lines. Terra Grow is made to make plants grow fast and strong, while Terra Bloom gives plants the nutrients they need to make big, healthy flowers and a big harvest.

Plagron has standard lines of nutrients, but they also have products like Power Roots, which helps roots grow and take in nutrients, and Green Sensation, which gives plants an extra boost of nutrients during the flowering phase.

Our experienced staff can help you choose the right Plagron nutrients for your plants and give you tips on how to use and apply them correctly. We have the right goods for you whether you are growing in soil or in water.

At Green Mystic, we are committed to giving our customers the best indoor gardening goods, including Plagron nutrients. Visit our garden shop in Malta today to see everything we have for indoor gardening.