Any indoor gardening setup needs ducting because it helps transfer air into and out of your grow area. To accommodate various ventilation systems, ducting often comes in a variety of diameters and is built of flexible or stiff materials.

To assist you in designing the ideal ventilation system for your indoor garden, Green Mystic provides a wide range of ducting alternatives. We provide insulated, heavy-duty PVC, and flexible aluminium ducting among our ducting solutions.

When connecting many ventilation components or using it in small places, flexible ducting is the best option. Insulated ducting is made to minimise heat or cold transfer, which is crucial when exhausting hot air from grow lights. Heavy-duty PVC ducting is dependable and perfect for long duct lines or big commercial grow rooms.

Green Mystic contains everything you need to get started, regardless of whether you want to build a straightforward ventilation system or a sophisticated arrangement. Visit our garden store in Malta to see the entire range of tools and supplies we have available for indoor gardening, including premium ducting solutions.