Starter cubes for seedlings

Starter cubes are a terrific choice whether you’re just getting started with indoor gardening or searching for a quick and easy way to spread your plants.

The roots of your plants can grow and flourish in these cubes because they are constructed of premium materials like peat moss and coco coir.

The use of starter cubes is relatively simple. Simply expand them by soaking them in water, then insert your seeds or cuttings. The cubes provide your plants the greatest possible start in life by offering the ideal amount of moisture and nutrients to promote quick and healthy growth.

Our assortment of starter cubes includes something to meet your needs whether you’re producing flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

Visit our grow store in Malta to look through our starting cubes and other supplies for indoor planting. With the assistance of our starter cubes, you can be sure that your plants will flourish thanks to our top-notch supplies and knowledgeable advice.