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Ducting is an essential component of any well-designed grow room. It is used to control the flow of air and temperature within the grow room, helping to maintain a healthy and productive growing environment.

Ducting is typically made from flexible aluminium or PVC material and is used to connect exhaust fans, carbon filters, and other equipment to the grow room. By controlling the flow of air, ducting helps to prevent hot spots, control humidity, and ensure that CO2 levels remain at optimal levels.

One of its main benefits is its flexibility. It can be easily bent and shaped to fit into tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for small grow rooms or grow tents. Additionally, it can be adjusted to control the temperature and humidity levels within the grow room, ensuring that plants receive the optimal growing conditions.

It comes available in a range of sizes and styles, allowing growers to choose the best option for their specific grow room setup. It can be installed using clamps or other connectors, making it easy to adjust or replace as needed.

Overall, ducting is an essential tool for any serious grower who wants to maintain a healthy and productive growing environment. With its flexibility, versatility, and range of sizes, ducting is a must-have for anyone looking to create the optimal growing conditions for their plants.

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