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Air pots

Air pots

The unique containers known as Air Pot, often referred to as fabric pots or smart pots, are created to improve the health and vigour of your plants. These containers are constructed of a sturdy, breathable plastic that encourages better air circulation, which improves the oxygenation and aeration of the roots. Air Pots improve the growing environment by allowing excess moisture to evaporate through the pot’s sides, reducing the chance of overwatering and root rot.

The special construction of Air Pots promotes air pruning, which is necessary for growing a strong and deep root system. The natural process of air pruning is triggered when the roots are exposed to air and reach the pot’s edges. This procedure encourages the development of additional lateral roots, avoiding root binding, and fostering a wider root network. Because of this, vegetation cultivated in Air Pots has better nutrient uptake, which results in vegetation that is healthier and more fruitful.

Air-Pots are suitable for a wide range of gardening applications, including indoor and outdoor cultivation, hydroponics, and soil-based systems. These pots offer a flexible and effective option for plant propagation, seedling growth, and transplanting, whether you are growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, or fruits.

In order to meet various plant species and growth phases, Green Mystic offers an assortment of sizes and forms for Air-Pots. Small Air-Pots for seedlings and young plants are available in our assortment, as well as larger options for established plants with deep root systems. We make sure that our Air Pots are manufactured of high-quality materials to assist your gardening endeavours with durability and longevity.

Air-Pots from Green Mystic will improve your growing experience. Enjoy the advantages of greater nutrient absorption, better root health, and quicker plant development. With our range of Air Pots, you can grow your own green haven and provide your plants the best possible conditions.

How does it work? check this video out!

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